Email Address Verification System -


Frequently Asked Questions

How this system validates an email address?

Our software contacts the MX of each email and asks it whether the recipient email address is valid or invalid.

Is it fully accurate?

Simply no. The system fully relies on the answer of the MX. If the mail server says the email is valid, it is marked as valid in our side even though the email does not really exist. However, on our tests we have seen that the level of accuracy (on multiple hosts) is more than 80%.

What do Valid, Invalid and Unknown mean?

Valid means the recipient server replied our question telling that the Email address we are intending to validate is correct. Invalid means, it replied telling not valid. In some cases, we may not able to contact the mail server and/or the recipient mail server is unable to determine whether an email address is valid or invalid. In such cases, we mark the status as unknown.

What happens if I click Process button while the list status is 'Processing'

Anytime you click Process of any list, it will again start processing the list. However, if any email address of that list is marked as valid, it won't recheck the email. So if you have 100 emails in a list and you stopped processing after verifying 50 emails; next time you start processing, it will skip the emails that were already marked as valid. If you want to force a list for full revalidation, you have to use the option Reset to Pending.

Should I process several lists at a time?

No, you should not. Because each time a email needs to verify, we contact the MX. However, if we open a lots of connection to MX or open connections very frequent, they might have blacklist / block / deffer connections from your IP address.

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